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Membership and Green Fees

at Boldmere Golf Club


Membership Fees


The fee for an adult male (18 Years+) to join Boldmere Golf Club is £50*.

The fee for an adult female (18 Years+) to join Boldmere Golf Club is £35*. 
The fee for a junior (Up to 17 Years) to join Boldmere Golf Club is £13*.

·  An official handicap. To gain a handicap a member plays 3 consecutive rounds of golf,

with a player who already has a handicap. The three score cards are handed in and

you are issued with a official handicap which is recognised all over the world.

·  Invitations to play in club competitions. As can be seen on the news and events page

there are many competitions that take place which any member can take part in.

·  Membership of the Warwickshire Union. Being part of the Warwickshire Union means

that if you play at another club which requires you to have a handicap, your handicap

is recognised because you are part of the Warwickshire union and the English Golf Union.

There is also a social side as you would expect joining a Club with dinners and meetings.

·  Members times. On Saturdays and Sundays between 9:00 – 9:30

(Dec & Jan between 10:00 - 10:30) members have priority on booking times for a round of golf.

·  Competition Tees. As a member you can take advantage of playing from the medal tees

which non-members are not permitted to do so.

Normal Green Fees

Adult (18 Years+)


·  18 Holes of Golf - £16.00

After 2pm £12.00

(Standard)       £10.00

Weekends and Bank Holidays

·  18 Holes of Golf - £22.00


·  18 Holes of Golf - £9.00

Green fees may not be current

*Please note that the membership fee does not include green fees.

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